Volunteer Jenny Lewis on her experience as an Alzpal:

‘Volunteering with WDS is being able to make a contribution to someone’s quality of life; being a short respite for a carer or family member. It is being able to have continuity to get to know your Alzpal well. Learning skills with WDS to have the confidence to entertain your Alzpal safely.

I would take my Alzpal driving, we went all over the county. He used to be a builder and would point to construction sites, or bridges or signs. I think he really enjoyed getting out.’

If you have two hours a week to spare, you can help make a difference for a family living with dementia. Free online training and support. Garda vetting provided. Strict HSE Covid19 safety measures adhered to.

Call 089 428 6928 or email info@wicklowdementiasupport.org